The importance of music and art education for a child

In last few years there is a debate going on of including arts and music in the education curriculum, and not just including it in the extra curriculum but also giving it equal importance as other academic subjects. It is already been proven that arts and music help the growth of children. So, if a child is introduced to music, early in school life, then that is really good for the development of the child. Understanding and appreciating a good art is also an art itself. A basic art and music courses should be introduced in the academics and should be given importance too.

Benefits of Music and arts

Learning music and art helps the child to do better in other subjects because a child develops certain skills while indulging in art and music. It is proven that it is always easy to learn a skill through audio-visuals or by practically performing it, then just by reading about it. In arts education, the children are actually involved in activities which help the growth of their mind. Creating different shapes and sizes, learning about different colors, or listening to a different kind of musical instrument, really helps the child to process and understand a variety of things at once. Art and music also help in decision making. In art and music education a child is experiencing new ideas on regular basis; they are introduced to a different perspective on the same thing. Arts and music have their roots in the culture of that region from where the particular form is originated, so learning about a particular art or folk music, also helps the child in gaining knowledge about that particular culture and its history. Arts and music education also helps the children to gain a personal vision about any topic, they develop their own perspective on every subject, it also helps their imagination skills. A child learning about arts and music in school life always helps the children to have clear thoughts in life, even when they grow up. Learning about a different culture through art always makes the child more diverse and tolerant to people from another cultural background, clearly, the tolerance is one thing that the future generations need to have to have a better world than today. Indulging in arts and music always helps the overall development of a child, and such children always do well in other mainstream subjects too.

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How to introduce a child to arts and music?

Arts and music should be part of the curriculum of every education system, like any mainstream subjects, arts should also be given equal importance. Introduce your child to good music at a very early age; teach them about different musical instruments. Introduce them to different art forms; educate them about the history of a particular art. Teach them by involving them in various activities and by using unconventional ways like drawing or audio-visual.

Arts and music is such an important part of any human life and so, every child should be introduced to various forms of arts and music during their school life.